General Information

Gates Polls follow a rigorous, scientific-based approach in our surveys methodology whether it be face-to-face, mail, cellphone, or online.

Samples are designed to represent the plurality of: tribes across geopolitical zones, language across the states, and other variables among the adult population, aged 18 and older. Surveys are conducted at the national, statewide and local government areas. Gates Polls Cellphone polling leverages on the country’s Tele-density at 92% (NCC Figures) to reach the representative sample size for survey purposes in real time by our well trained interviewers according to the highest polling ethos comparable to anywhere in the world. We pride ourselves with having a vast database in the targeted calling area we select. Each selected area is weighed to be representative in proportion to its population. 

To increase coverage, Gates Polls includes the responses from face-to-face interviews where it is observed that doing otherwise may not be representative in areas with low mobile network coverages. Currently, more than half of our national sample is obtained from this frame. Proportions may be adjusted in state and local government projects based no cell-phone-populations. After validation of age, personal ownership, interviews are typically conducted with the person answering the phone.

Gates Polls collects data using our professional multilinguistic polling analyst. Data collection is typically conducted over a three to five-day period depending on sample size, length of questionnaire, and incidence of target population. Cell phone sample is manually dialed and called by live polling analyst. The result of every call attempt (e.g., completed interview, answering machine, refusal, disconnect) is documented so that re-contacts may be attempted according to strict “callback rules.”